2355 Wiener Neudorf
GMMK Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Schauraum Isovolta 1994

This project was developed as an alternative to the product showrooms inside the company's works site. Situating a showroom for products outside the security-protected works premises is intended to allow access to the visitor or customer, for example with a code card, outside working hours.

Apart from functional aspects, this exhibition pavilion was conceived as a building situated on a traffic route and visible from afar as an architectural symbol. The building configures around a long axis and is enlarged like a stage set towards the façade. A large-scale company logo is displayed on this façade, the pavilion thus transforming itself into a huge roadside advertisement hoarding.

The water from the existing pond is incorporated into the building by means of channels and helps to define the entrance, which is accentuated with an access ramp.

The interior is dominated by a 'product wall' which divides the room and is simultaneously an 'information board' or 'sample wall', an element of experience whose subtantiality is mainly defined by the product.

To complete the effect, and in addition to specifically artificial exhibition lighting, various lighting scenarios have been devised which, in combination with the appropriate soundtrack, facilitate audiovisual stimulation. A range of simulation techniques, including a virtual reality studio, will be at the customer's disposal.