2331 Vösendorf
GMMK Gert M. MAYR-KEBER Sporthaus Eybl Vösendorf 1994

The location of this site, in the middle of a built-up area of shops and residential housing of moderate to low density on the periphery of Vienna, is defined by the track system of the tram connecting Baden and Vienna, the B 17 road and the heavily used Schönbrunner Allee. The crossroads of the access roads to the various shopping centres is a prominent and clearly defined point in this otherwise rather featureless zone.

This project acknowledges the prominence of the site by redefining the area in front of the building in the form of a cylindrical structure which engages with the situation created by the surrounding traffic routes and articulates an orientation in all directions.

A new entrance was designed for the main building; entry into the sports shop becomes neutrally oriented on account of the cylindrical projecting structure. The coherence of the ensemble is emphasised by a connecting glass block corpus. The interplay of the various parts of the building as a whole is intended to convey the impression of a huge sculpture standing in the peripheral urban environment, especially when viewed while approaching or driving past it, and to be a memorable point of reference for this area.

In addition, the design of the outer shell of the building as well as an unusual geometrification of the façades will take perceptual and psychological elements into account: the positioning of the façade at a slight angle, for example, constitutes an alien, irritant element that will stimulate natural curiosity.