Vienna, 10th District
1995 - 2000
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Wohnhaeuser in der Thermensiedlung 1995-2000

The two residential blocks are situated on the north-eastern edge of the estate. They open onto the central park section, while their inner façades face the 'inner square' of the estate.

Height of the buildings/Proportions: The buildings are conceived as three-storeyed architectural structures; their low height takes account of the surrounding housing and respects the human scale.

The floor above the second storey is an attic floor and is designed as a graduated and receding structure.

Articulation of the façade: The differentiated positioning of the individual ground plan configurations gives the building its 'face', which is built up through the interspatial relationships of loggias, terraces, balconies, windows, passageways and so on. The individual apartments are expressed on the exterior, a clear relationship to the individual apartment is established and the claim to identity of the apartment's occupant reinforced.

Typology of the apartments: While the architectonic approaches outlined above convey the concept of the block as a whole, the type of residential unit is intended to represent the status of the quality of living for an individual person or a family respectively.

In this project, different types of apartment, and not just of various size, are placed next to one another. Thus, the apartments on the ground floor have garden plots, while the maisonettes have the character of terraced housing, each having its own entrance path leading up a front garden.

In addition to the apartments above the ground floor, most of which have loggias, the attic apartments additionally have roof terraces.

All apartments have disabled access, and there is a apartment specially adapted for disabled occupancy on the ground floor.


Buwog, Gewog, ÖSW