2642 Maria Schutz, Austria
1974 - 1974

The exhibition „Signals of Aggression“, the opening exhibition of the „Impulse Maria Schutz“, was the first realization of my intellectual considerations of the effect of space, sections of space or items of furniture on people.

Space-objects and objects exhibited:

  • 'Endless Corridor'
  • 'Compression room'
  • 'Low Hall'
  • 'Irritating Steps'
  • 'Non-functional Chairs'
  • 'Explosion Pictures'
  • 'Aggressator'

'...everything enclosing, surrounding people, constricting is space, space can affect people positively or negatively. the aim here is to demonstrate the influence space can exercise. the objects displayed are not intended to inspire direct aggression, but the fact that they are distorted means that they alienate to such an extent that they provoke aggression...'

'...within a flight of stairs one step is higher than the others, an element of irritation, an element of aggression...'

'...the unuseable chairs, for example, stand around uselessly, clutter up the area an thus produce aggression...'

' explosion is demonstrated as an aggressive act, portrayed by the tearing to shreds of a canvas during the explosion, and the graphic of an act of aggression thus created is visually preserved as an ‘explosion picture’...'