Vienna, 19th District
1999 - 2001
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Altersgerechtes Wohnen 1999-2001

In the course of constructing an apartment house with business center in the 19th district, BUWOG has built a five storied object concentrating on living for elders. In the ground floor there is room for shops and offices as well as general facilities and two apartments. A cooperation with „Kuratorium Fortuna“ - which is located nearby and manages many facilities supporting elders - has been arranged. Considering the special requirements in architecture the following factors were essential:

  • Safety
  • Barrier-free movement
  • Qualitystandard

Main attention was given to the street-oriented entrance and to the corrugated aluminium-clad facade. The threshold of the house has been interpreted by a canopy, an entrance door set back leading to a two storied entrance hall. In addition the entrance has been equipped with a light sculpture by Martin KAAR especially made for this room that creates a three dimensional irritation by means of coloured neon light lines.
In contrast to the closed north facade most of the apartments have been depicted in room-height in the rest of the facade. Due to the room-high openings towards the narrow „flower balcony“ and the possibilities of thermal closing the living rooms can have a balcony throughout the year.
In addition to the nearby facilities of the "Kuratorium Fortuna" – already mentioned before - the building is equipped with:

  • Functional room in the ground floor with frontyard
  • Sauna, solarium and fitness room in the attic
  • Roof-deck with barbecue grill
  • Wine-cellar
  • Storage room for bicycles

A neon object by Martin Kaar was installed in the reception area.