Vienna, 10th District
2000 - 2002
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Wohnhaus am Wienerberg 2000-2002

This housing estate was build with the property developer Gebös within the masterplan of Wienerberg-City.

The ecological instructions to draft a multi-storey passive energy house (high quality thermal insulation combined with alternative thermal preparation, in this case solar energy, geothermal energy and heat exchanger) means a fundamental turning away from an opened transparent cover and requires a building with a punctured façade.

Following this approach trying to create three-dimensional accents in the main body by summarizing several window units, single wall parts formed like a pane, oriel ledges or loggias, allow clear assignments to the area of life of the individual in sense of an individuality claim within a large building.

The main building body itself receives through that partly two-storey base zone in combination with the set back, two storey top floor landscape, a scaled proportion, which appearance takes on the gesture of a six-storey house.

Concept to the passive energy house: Dipl.Ing. Dr. Peter Schütz