House Conversion Bisamberg
1996 - 1998
GMMK . Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT GmbH . Haustransformation Bisamberg, 1996-1998

The client's instructions were to enlarge the volume and area of the house as well as fundamentally modifying the exterior, but without altering the existing internal layout of the rooms, which had already been renovated. This was achieved by extending the roof space, adding an annexe on the south side and creating a spacious terrace with a pergola and a swimming pool.

The new barrel roof together with the room added on to the garden side, whose façade, extended in a convex curve, was placed rather like a mask in front of the old façade, combine to transform the existing building into a 'house with a new face'.

An interior design plan was also provided for the new rooms. A special feature is the spiral staircase integrated into the built-in units furnishing the garden room and facilitating direct access from the house, which did not previously have a cellar, to a new basement located beneath the terrace.