Vienna, 11th District
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Generationenwohnen Lorenz-Reiter-Strasse 2013

Core of the allotment structure is a generously devised central corridor with ongoing skylight and large light-spindles in the corridor-areas reaching to the lowest level. The vertical allotment-areas with stairs and lifts are glazed generously and create bright, naturally lighted “endpoints”.

In the central area of each central corridor “inner” are installed by colour accentuated community loggias or “Community Boxes” which serve as additional light providers and identifier that reach across two storeys. Here each building can be “vertically traversed” via (non necessary) connecting paths in the community loggias.

The two-storey community loggias form openings to the outside and signal the common areas in the façade, whereby the identity and readability of the own “home” gets amplified.

Together with the community loggias the central corridor becomes a storey-spanning communication room. Moreover, storey-spannings are the intended art installations (art within architecture) which enrich the paths in an areal and plastic manner.

The installation ducts are developed with the intention of the overlapability of the different apartement-types, based on Smart-apartements.

By means of symmetrically arranged installation ducts with single-sidedly identical duct distances the overlapping of different floor-plans in a variable fashion is made possible and can be adapted storey-wise.

The vertical combination of reflection and different apartement-types enlivens not only the “social mix” when it comes to generational living, but also determines the facades specifically. An individual appearance towards the outside is achieved despite very economical floor plan types.

Green space concept: Thomas Proksch