Forecourt Schloss Schönbrunn
2014 - 2019
Schloss Schönbrunn Vorfeld 2019 Gert M. Mayr-Keber ZT GmbH

Considering the demand of parking space and switching area for buses our project aims to integrate and merge the necessary building that provides a shop, ticket counters, toilets, storage and office space, into a newly designed green space.

The building presents itself welcoming with a glass facade to the north, the toilets are separately accessible via a niched entry. The office is planned south-side providing an overview of the parking lot, and an own doorway.

A Corten-Steel curved screen covers the building on the south and extends to the waiting area of the bus terminal where the material changes to sheeted aluminium. The curved design fits itself nicely into the park area and the corroded surface reflects the natural ageing process.

The laser-cut leaves are picking up on the motive of the fabric that can be found in emperor Franz Joseph I ‘s study, an abstract reference to the palace’ interior. Within the range of the terminal this structure is not only a roof, it separates the waiting zone and the path leading  to the underground station, where it furthermore creates an espalier, inspired by Schönbrunn’s garden. The structure dissolves and blends in with the plants, on the terminal’s side benches are attached, the gutter drains into the pillars that hold plant containers. Two different floorings are planned for the waiting area and the pathway.