Vienna, 3rd District
GMMK , Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Expansion 1979

The illustrated, more than 100 m long object was temporarily installed in Stadtpark in Vienna for a period of eight weeks as contribution to the Biennial Festival of Graphics and Visual Art.

A simple, easily-comprehensible element, part of an endless lattice-work structure extending in a straight line, is placed in a relationship to the naturally developed, naturally complex and at the same time complicated landscaped part of the park.

Existing things no longer exist, they are penetrated or captured, a building, a hill or a tree does not represent an insurmountable obstacle, neither the horizontal emphasis nor the direction are thereby influenced or altered.

This lattice-work structure, an analogy to railway lines, motorways, high-tension cables, etc., is intended as a symbolic signal of the endlessness of the ever-increasing artificiality and artificial design of the environment, whose inexorability does not display negative aspects alone.

Despite the contrast to the existing surroundings, its consistent horizontal emphasis and directional orientation accentuate and underline the existing landscape and make it relatively more clearly aware. Its extensive proportions make it a direction indicator and, projecting out over the River Vienna, a symbol of the exhibition activity.

Construction: Prof. DI. H. Kugler