Vienna, 10th District
1995 - 2005
GMMK Foto: Elisabeth Mayr-Keber , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Kindertagesheim in der Thermensiedlung Oberlaa 1995-2005

This daycare centre, which accommodates eight groups of children, is located on the south-western part of the estate and from the viewpoint of town planning, belongs to the square in front of the estate which is also connected to the main footpath access. The daycare nursery thus forms its western limits. This is where the entrance is located, which as a special feature has a children's entrance with a small 1.40 m high porch door.

The daycare nursery was erected in two phases.

Internal access in the first floor is gained by a spatially differentiated passage which is equipped with a 'Musterwand' or 'sample wall' made of a number of different materials that can be looked at and touched. Daylight is introduced through two transom windows.

The individual groups of children are separated by 'railway carriages' which can be used for storage or for play and which are to be seen in association with the locomotive standing in front of the façade. Windows between the group rooms allow visual access in the interior of the building.

For the group rooms a wooden construction was used and a massive type of construction was realised for the administrative area. The group rooms have generous window frontage onto the open space in front of the nursery and have elements that provide for shade and which are also part of the architectonic ensemble.

The second floor is conected with a glazed stairway and has open areas to the acess of the first floor. Terraces are assigned to the groups as own outdoor spaces.

The playground outside measures over 2.500m² and contains a tricycle track as well as a number of planted areas, including a small maze.