Competition Housing Estate Hartäckergasse
Vienna, 19th District
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Wettbewerb Wohnanlage Hartäckergasse  2010

Location and setting

The offered compound has a West-East divide of approximately 8 Meter and has a range from East to West. The existing buildings don’t meet today’s standards and the property is highly underdeveloped. The present trees are one of the most important features and have to be preserved at all means.

Building - typology, building height and scale

According the present zoning regulations the projected building-type are leading to seven point blocks, with the focus to meet the special requirements organised with two units on each floor, in order to guarantee an aeration throughout the flats and to get the generosity of the orientation to at least three , partly four directions.

Façade – structuring / building identity

Living, associated with privacy and aspired individuality, is shown by versatile vividly architecture. To achieve the need for identification this project - based on quite a simple block- tries to diversify with different “attachments” to meet the requirements of human nature for plurality of Forms.

Different kinds of apartments with similar floor-designs are formed by a great variety of Façade-elements. The three-dimensional figuration-themes of oriels, loggias, balconies, terraces, elevator tower, windows, entrance, etc.., make all the difference. The diverse types of units are readable on the outside. A strong reference to the unit will be built, which will emphasise the empathy of the future owner with his apartment.


In opposite to the architectural concept mentioned above to unify the look of the projected point blocks, the diversification of the apartment-types is an essential part of living-quality for the future tenant. A wide variety of different flats are not solely achieved through various sizes, but also with different types of designs for every way of life possible. Flats on the ground floor have access to their private gardens, apartments in the upper floors got their balconies, terraces and loggias, penthouses get their roof decks with a fantastic view over Vienna.

The number of units per staircase is kept very low to get a high level of affiliation amongst the flat owners with their building. Furthermore these measurements will avoid anonymity and a good neighbourhood will be encouraged, which guarantees kind of social control and a comfort sense of security.

parking lots

The car-parking space is situated underground, every flat can be reached dry shod and barrier free. In addition the traffic-noise is reduced to the possible minimum, the space between the northern and southern buildings can be used as a great recreation area.