42781 Haan, Germany
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. Center am Schillerpark  1986

An existing three-storeyed warehouse building near the centre, and on the edge of the adjoining Schiller Park, was to be revitalized. A hotel with restaurant and café and a shop-in-shop zone extending over two floors were to be included in the design concept.

Integration in the urban structure:

The creation of two currently non-existent entrances to the lower-lying park, a flight of stairs and a ramp, offers additional links and connections for pedestrians within the town centre.

The location of a park café-restaurant in an elevated position above the park lake is a contribution to the central recreation area and serves to increase the attractiveness of the park area.

The existing building, to which the addition of a storey is proposed, provides a physical emphasis for the boundaries of the town centre. The proposed links should be understood as peripheral extensions to the shopping area in the town centre and are optimally integrated in the network of streets and paths conceived by the town.

Architectural considerations:

The building is to be given a clear, block-like corporeality by the partial walling-up of existing window-openings, the construction of an attic wall and also the erection of a walled frame; these measures will enable the building corner, which is of importance for the urban structure, to be clearly accentuated by the construction of a corner loggia with pillars. The proposed solution of the hollowed-out corner has on the one hand the intention of creating a view through to the park, on the other hand forms the entrance area to the park café-restaurant and the hotel. At the same time the clearly perceptible architectural form creates a symbolic focal point which influences the spatial situation in the vicinity of the entrance zone of the building like a forecourt.

In accordance with the intention not to alter the roof outline of the building to any great extent, the two-storeyed hotel section is installed on the top like a pavilion. The lightness of this added element is emphasized structurally by the non-solid external walling (glass and steel construction), and a clear contrast to the massive plinth is achieved.