Branch Bank Deutsch Wagram
2232 Deutsch Wagram
1999 - 2000
GMMK . Gert M. Mayr-Keber ZT GmbH . 1999 . Bank Austria Deutsch Wagram . Photography by Elisabeth Mayr-Keber

General Thoughts

The intended concept of Bank~Austria to create functionally new-oriented branches in the future, is supposed to be on one hand linked with a new and distinct CI of its own in the context of the visual appearance. On the other hand, however, it intended to display a high degree of flexibility because of its pilot-function, the open spectrum of services and the still unknown acceptance of such branches by the customers.

It is supposed to differ from the familiar in general, without forgoing signs of togetherness. In contrast to the originally initiated, pluralistic formal principle by Zentralsparkasse, a concept of identical appearance communicates the new service-philosophy of Bank~Austria, that obtains a quick learning effect with high memorability via the multiple effect.

The concept “Branch New” is supposed to be recognized as new and accepted quicker because of the repetition-factor of sameness.

The suggested concept provides the construction of an accentuated basic structure regarding the façade with main business room, in which the individual functional units are placed in a zoned fashion. Similar to a system of a trade fair booth these different floor plan configurations are intended to be assembled.


Neutralization Of The Existing

To erect a clear image presentation the pacification of the façade surroundings is an important requirement. A sufficient surrounding area has to be created which distances the new “face” from the neighbouring localities or structures and underlines the image presentation.

The solution to this theme will be dependent on the specific task respectively.


The Glass-Facade, Signs Of Openness And Transparence

The façade is suggested to be an all-glass-façade with greatest possible transparency towards the interior. As UV-protection measure and in support of the overall appearance, the glass exhibits a subtly green tinge which at the same time expresses safety materially with the use of bullet proof glass. The façade-glazing is constructed rung-less and with a chrome-nickel steel framework, large-size framed. A small ongoing canopy offers a bit of protection, closes off the glass towards the top and forms the basis for the Bank~Austria-lettering (Single-letter type) mounted above.

A big opening towards Communication Zone 1 is an important requirement, which should only be considered as a reduced solution in case of serious problems such as protection zones and building preservation. Cost-conscious options can be achieved by abdication of holistic, elaborately formed façade-solutions, whereby a large area of the neutralization given above is achieved at the same time.


Entrance-Vestibule, Portico With Signaling Effect

In the façade the entrance is emphasized as a special element, a red frame featuring an automatic sliding door system as well as a vestibule-free entry that communicates between the interior and the exterior.

Signet, ATM-sign and opening hours are to be applied in order to fit the respective location.


Point Of Sale

As an instrument of sales, the Point Of Sale, a console was developed, which is equipped with CPU, monitor, printer and other necessary utensils.

As light source of this spot serves a “canopy” which heightens the comfort of this place at the same time. A feeling is created to have a conversation beneath the screen, beneath the tree or beneath the roof. The punctual increase of light density accentuates this spot and centres it in itself.



The Cashboy replaces the previous cash desk and is developed as an extension of the consultation console. By means of further elements the cashboy will be put together additively. The fundamentals of the Point of Sale are included here as well.

As the Cashboy is to be closed outside of opening hours, the placement is planned on the outskirts of Communication Zone 1.



In Communication Zone 1, the visible customer zone with self service-elements, a low frame-screen (circa 110cm high) made of moulded façade-plates is suggested to serve as a visual framework for the momentary very differently designed self service-devices, which can be installed in different lengths according to requirement. Accentuated by colour this uniformly designed niche along the wall-area is supposed to be a container of the self service-devices and signal their location. By means of a mounted mirror the security-aspect – giving a look at the backside - is accommodated.


Activity Corner

With a similar creative approach a staged, an L-shaped screen with identically profiled surface is allocated to the respective entrance.  They are, however, planned in colour different and appearance. Here specific product marketing is conducted with the inclusion of a consultation console, via illuminated poster, leaflet-stand and deposit box that is work-area, which can be made available for customers also.


Floor-Texture Communication Zone 1

In consideration of the required double floor construction for every branch and as a measure of a structuring of the floor-area, the laying of two-coloured material as flooring is suggested, whereupon the respective technically existing floor-raster has to be considered.

There is no formal requirement of a specific pattern or material, essential would be a geometric structuring, which by force of geometry accentuates the free alignment of the “furniture islands” given above as such.



As illumination of the room panel mounted light fixtures of conventional build are contemplated, for the special areas – as given above – a place-oriented light is sought. Islands of light are supposed to accentuate specific zones.