1190 Wien
GMMK , Gert M. MAYR-KEBER ZT-GmbH. , Dachausbau Leinwand 1983

„The stairs to the roof“, as the spatially dominant element in the entrance hall (in part conceived as two-storeyed) of an existing flat, are a main theme of this extension proposal, which envisages the partial conversion of the attic situated above.

The staircase with intermediate landings, block-like and solid in appearance, imposes itself like a moulded construction thrust forward from a tunnel in the wall and occupies the room thus entered.

The clear upward gestures of this vertical connecting element allow the room to be traversed in its third dimension and strengthen the awareness of above and below.

A view of the living area from the intermediate landing is made possible by an interior window. The spatial screening and seperation of the interior corridor to the sleeping area is an intentionally achieved, functional aspect of the proposed layout of the staircase.

The umbrella-like sun deck on the roof can be adapted to a conservatory by the installation of glass panes.